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Oracle Retail Cloud Services – How Does it Benefit Retailers?

Oracle Retail Cloud Services – How Does it Benefit Retailers?


Retail is one of the many industries that has made a significant move to the cloud. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), public cloud service spending is predicted to rise by 19.4 per cent each year worldwide (CAGR). Clearly, cloud computing has played a critical role in company growth. For this reason, Oracle has now announced Oracle Retail version 16, which includes 33 cloud-enabled retail services, to help merchants stay up to today’s corporate standards and customer expectations. Oracle Retail Cloud v16 has been developed to let retailers adopt cloud technology at their own speed and deliver a uniform customer experience across both online and brick and mortar locations. For peak season traffic, merchants may save expenses while enhancing reliability, uptime, and time-to-market.

Retailers have realised the need of creating businesses that allow customers to shop whenever and wherever they choose. Merchants may now benefit from enhanced productivity and the flexibility to quickly adjust to current retailing trends thanks to cloud computing.

37 per cent of small and medium-sized enterprises have adopted cloud computing services, according to Business 2 Community research. This is achievable thanks to Oracle Retail v16’s comprehensive retail solutions. Among the various solutions to these problems are product planning, inventory management, customer interaction, Omni-channel features, flexible websites, consumer intelligence collecting, and even the creation of crucial reports.

Here are the reasons how Oracle Benefit Retailers:

Oracle Cloud vs AWS

If you’re looking to run mission-critical applications on Oracle Database, then Oracle Cloud is the best option. It provides exceptional performance at the lowest price. Amazon Aurora does not provide Oracle RAC, Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, or Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing, while Oracle Database allows customers to pick from a variety of vendors.

Maximized return on investment

For the first time, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is the most cost-effective option today. With fewer compute servers and block storage volumes, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can improve workload performance. Its non-blocking architecture reduces latency; it also minimizes the risk of other network users affecting client environments and is supported by the industry’s most comprehensive, financially guaranteed, end-to-end SLAs in the cloud computing business.

Get all the help you need to design an app

For a fraction of the cost of conventional software, you can create API- and mobile-first cloud apps using an open, standards-based Oracle application development platform. Low-code development is supported by Oracle in containers and the cloud. For continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD), it offers a comprehensive DevOps environment, with deep diagnostics for Java applications, as well as quick integration with SaaS and on-premises services.

Designed for Oracle workloads

In order to facilitate the migration and management of Oracle’s database and business application portfolio, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides a variety of unique features and capabilities. As a consequence, the costs and time associated with moving Oracle applications to the cloud are reduced. Oracle places a high priority on providing our customers with the most up-to-date hardware and software.

A defence that is well-rounded in its approach

Security is a top concern for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. As part of Oracle’s secure by design features, the company helps protect clients’ data, monitors internal dangers, and responds swiftly and automatically to these threats. Data and communications are shielded from other users because of Oracle’s design. In addition, keeping your administrative PCs isolated from your software’s source code, data, and resources helps keep your cloud data safe from hacking. Granular customer isolation in Oracle Cloud minimises the attack surface. Attacks are prevented from accessing the network thanks to integrated firewalls, DDoS protection, and encryption. Adaptive authentication may be used to automatically add further verification if user behaviour indicates greater levels of hazard after establishing identity at the new border. Oracle is a key participant in the industry because of its vast variety of cloud and on-premise security services.

Reasons To Consider Merchandising Through The Cloud(In Short):

●      There are various inherent risks when executing a big on-premises project, such as cost overruns caused by schedule delays or unanticipated IT difficulties.

●      Let go of the decades-long cycle of renovations that have disrupted enterprises by ripping and replacing.

●      An organisation may cultivate a culture of innovation and growth by making new features readily available.

●      Retail teams are finding it almost impossible to keep up with the ever-increasing security requirements. As a result of moving to cloud-based services, customers get access to more resources while also decreasing their exposure to security risks.

●      The best-of-the-best cloud applications include current best practices for corporate teams right in their code. There’s no need to fiddle with solutions that already have a lot going for them.

●      Nowadays, user interfaces look and act more like browsers and programmes that people are already familiar with in their daily lives. As a result, new employees’ on-the-job learning curve is reduced and productivity is increased.

●      It is easier and more cost-effective to get results following a purchase, the launch of a new brand, or the expansion of a company’s market reach using cloud technologies.


It is possible for top management to support a change in merchandising systems, which is the initial step in many shops’ next wave of growth. Because more time is available for other sections of the firm to benefit from replacing ageing legacy systems, the sooner they are replaced, the better. Merchandising’s capacity to teach and support new initiatives quickly and in the long term benefits marketing, logistics, mobile, commerce, retail, planning, and other operations. From the beginning, companies have access to cutting-edge technologies that are simple to use and already linked with omnichannel operations and customer journeys.

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