Our RPA Capabilities

RPA is not about tool, but a way of working, redeploying talent from low skilled, routine, rule based tasks to perform value-add activities.
We at Trangile have strong experience in implementing RPA in larger and complex environment and help our client achieve economies of scale and operational efficiencies.

Our approach is to analyse your process portfolio, develop a process maturity model, identify opportunities, create the transition plan, and leverage RPA toolkit to bring the required impact on the bottom line

Our Service Offerings

3 Three Benefits of RPA

Improved employee and customer satisfaction

✔ Tedious repetitive tasks are delegated to robots
✔ Time generated to focus on customer care
✔ Empowered employees to perform more value-added tasks

Delivery Excellence

Accelerated productivity gains

✔ 1 robot replaces on average 4 FTEs
✔ Robot costs are on average 50% - 90% lower than off-shore / on-shore employees
✔ Quick development cycles, providing ROI in 3-6 months

Acceleration of ROI

Enhanced compliance

✔ Traceability reduces risk of errors and secures consistency
✔ Automated Control steps increase compliance
✔ Systematic documentation of audit trail

Compliance to ever-growing regulation

Why Trangile

Experience Delivering Success

Engaged in delivering Robotic projects across Banking, Power, Supply Chain,
& Commodity Trading Companies across the Globe.

Multi Vendor Implementation

Implemented multiple complex global
implementations across industries
using tools such as UiPath and


Clients across Industries and Geographies

Strong Functional Expertise

Strong functional and Process
expertise in Finance, Retail,
eCommerce and Healthcare domain

Our Portfolio Assessment Approach


Investigate & Assess current
portfolio to identify opportunities for
RPA Implementation


Setup Cross-functional
fast-paced delivery organization; build
a culture of Robotics Process


Embed RPA into
Organizational culture; setup a
performance management framework
to measure and track benefit
realization plan.

Transition Timelines

Center of Excellence Process Map

RPA Idea Portal

A SharePoint (or similar) site for team members to provide initial ideas:

Overview of process

Potential Saves

Volume Metrics

Review of Idea

Will be used by the Automation PMO to provide Automation recommendation

Measurable saves

Tool Selection

Ideas are prioritized and approvals obtained

The Automation PMO will share the recommendation with Governance board

Prioritization metrics

Signoff on Saves

Create strategy and implementation plan

Will be used by Automation PMO for planning and progress

Resource plan

Monthly reporting

Metrics and timelines

Funding needs

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