Customers buy brands, not channels

Shoppers expect brands to know them - their preferences, allow them to explore products before they shop, make it easy for them to shop across any channel – online or offline. They expect to be offered flexibility in delivery/pickup options, payments, returns & be rewarded for being loyal to the brand.
Your stores & web fronts are an expression of the consumer’s needs. An omnichannel business model ensures that the requirements of offline and online stores are driving supply chain decisions. This ensures anticipation of and exceeding customer expectations.
Our omnichannel solution works tirelessly to give you cost savings, incremental sales and happy customers. Additionally, they ensure convenience and speed of order fulfillment, translating into improved profits and an edge over competition.



O2O Transformation

O2O transformation (offline-online-offline) forms the base of your omnichannel strategy. To service the needs of an omnichannel customer, brands need to first gear up to reach where the customers shop and then work towards providing a seamless experience across all channels.

From creating your online sales channels, integrating them with your supply chain & store network to leveraging ecommerce marketplaces, we can help offline brands take their first step to an online journey. Similarly, for online brands, we can help their customers experience the brand via shop in shop, kiosks, partner stores & across the distribution network.

Real-Time View of Inventory

Place your customers at the focal point of your business and your stores at the centre of your supply chain. We help you get a single, real-time view of your inventory, across channels, catalogs, systems & fulfillment locations, thus enabling you to receive and execute orders from across channels.

This helps to minimize lost sales opportunity. Inventory optimization is also aided by stock transfers to high demand channels & locations.

Master Data Management

We help you to boost loyalty & drive growth by simplifying omnichannel customer data management. You can now integrate data across multiple customer touch points like web, POS systems, contact centres, apps & social channels to deliver a seamless customer experience.

We also work with our customers to create a Single version of Truth for your mission critical data across the organization & create a consistent, personalised shopping experiences across channels.


Brands have moved away from a transactional relationship mindset to experiential, emotional connects and one-to-one relationships with their customers.

Customers expect to be rewarded for their affinity and loyalty to brands who are working hard to make shoppers come back for more. We work with our clients to help them design omnichannel loyalty programs and run them profitably across not just customer touch points, but also the entire customer value chain.

O2O Transformation

O2O (Offline-Online-Offline) Consulting

Our team of experts understand your brand essence, your consumer profile and product offerings, to help fine-tune your omnichannel strategy.

This could include recommending the channels where you sell, the assortments that you follow and the SLA’s that you execute. In addition, we can partner with you on creating a common shopping experience across online and offline channels, in terms of look and assortment, pricing and offers as well as service standards and policies.

Omnichannel solution then ensures that all our systems are connected and communicating with one another.

Enabling Real-time View of Inventory

Fulfillment From Any Location

Make your inventory work harder by turning your stores into active fulfillment centres as well as collection centres, thus ensuring faster deliveries and easy returns.

Our omnichannel solution helps you manage orders and organize fulfilments centrally, to provide a compelling shopping experience to your customers. Intelligent order processing algorithms route online orders to the nearest store, leading to reduced logistics costs and faster deliveries.

Click & Collect

Customers are embracing the habit of buying online and picking up their purchases from a store.

This helps them to touch, feel and try before the collection, making it a real omnichannel experience.

We seamlessly integrate your webstore/marketplace with offline channels to let customers collect their online purchases directly from a store. This also eliminates delivery costs.

Endless Aisle

Sales opportunity losses are most often caused by missing sizes and insufficient assortment choices.
This is caused by retail store space constraints as well as the usual challenges of holding inventory in multiple locations.

Our endless aisle solution gives your walk-in customers countless shopping options by extending your store assortment to cover inventory across stores and channels.

How you benefit:
● Reduced risk of lost sales.
● Customer needs being met, and purchases delivered to a location of their choice.

Shop & Return - Across Channels & Stores

Delight your customers by bridging the online-offline services gap by offering them the convenience of cross-channel purchases and returns.

How you benefit:
● Efficient management of returns translating into improved customer satisfaction
● Ensuring the supply chain is not blocked by mis-management of returns

Master Data Management

Consistent Shopping Experience - Across Channels

To provide a seamless shopping experience, brands today need to have an accurate & complete visibility of information across their business operations & channels of sales.

Fragmented & inconsistent master data can lead to inaccurate product data in online/offline catalogs, items erroneously being recorded as out of stock, sluggish new product introductions, and the inability to alter merchandising.

Vin MDM creates an entersprise wide repository of product information helping you:
● Create a Single view of Truth across catalogs, channels, distribution channels, merchandising & other systems
● Managing the life cycle of the product, such as on-boarding, editing/deleting an existing product
● Identify & leverage cross-sell/upsell opportunities


Multichannel Loyalty Programs

Customer retention is key to business success, given the high cost of customer acquisition.

Our omnichannel solution enables consistent implementation of loyalty programs across all channels, ensuring your customers stay with you.

This is done by connecting customers to your brand across all touchpoints and providing them the opportunity to be rewarded for spends and engagement across channels.

Multichannel Campaign Management

Build customer loyalty using campaigns with smarter targeting across channels.

We help you to nurture your customer base with our easy-to-use, comprehensive solution. Our campaign management solution combines consumer data and omnichannel engagement into a single natively integrated platform, allowing you to plan, execute and monitor marketing campaigns across multiple touch points.
How you benefit:
● Omnichannel data capture helps you to create actionable strategies and drive personalized communications.
● Customised offers to shoppers by analyzing their data and buying habits.


Trangile Differentiator

Traditionally, retailers have used e-commerce licensed or open source platforms to build and manage their online storefront. These monolith applications were based on a three-tiered architecture. ‘
Typically, e-commerce platforms are componentized by layers (presentation, business, persistence etc) and not by functionality. This is often reflected in the data model which tightly couples different functional domains.
Typical Ecosystem for eRetailer looks like
Trangile Offers to Shift the same and adapt from these platforms towards a microservices based commerce to have the flexibility to implement customized features and scalability to meet omni-channel demand in an agile way. building capabilities around Agile Delivery, Continuous Integration and Deployment, DevOps, 12-factor app design, DDD, cloud-native, polyglot programming as the foundational work for building microservices

Cloud Deployment on AWS

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