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Trangile has instrumented digital transformation to leading Life Sciences and pharmaceutical companies in the development and deployment of Information Technology supported solutions comprising of design and deployments to clinical informatics and warehousing environments. We are committed to digitally transform client’s complex business problems into simplified, cost-effective & efficient solutions. Regulatory compliance is one of the top significances for the life sciences domain.

Data privacy is without any doubt an imperative focus area for Life Sciences industry. With an edge of regulatory compliance &data privacy, a digital transformation of business instruments and efficient& best in class solutions. We bring together customer-centric models with business-centric approach enabling result-oriented business transformation.

Enabling simplification for the
IT landscape of Life Science

Our team of domain experts in life sciences R&D, medical informatics, data warehousing, business intelligence, and large program management has helped fortune 500 clients with cost-effective and fast time to market solutions. Proven track record in deployment of robust capabilities supporting Supply chain and manufacturing operations like Demand Planning, Supply Network Planning, Sales & Operations Planning, operational dashboard and KPIs, Data governance, and management solutions.

For years now, Trangile has been serving worldwide esteemed clients by conducting verification & validation, embedded automation tests, utility developments for clinical trials products and pharmaceutical industry clients to incorporate electronic health records to design better clinical studies, improve patient recruitment, monitor drug safety, and measure health outcomes.

The global need for innovative, cost-effective medicines continues to rising whilst regulators, payers, health care providers, and patients are demanding greater value for money, proven effectiveness of products, more transparency and access to information. To meet these demands companies are seeking ways to improve R&D productivity, increase the efficiency of its operations, rationalize spending on sales, marketing and improve financial performance.


Our Offerings for Pharma
& Life Science Industry

Custom Solutions of Supply Chain

Regulatory / Compliance Validation , Embedded Testing

Regulatory / Compliance Embedded Automation & Utility Developments

Technology services by following 21 CFR part 11 and FDA guidelines

R & D supports by following defined Data Security & Privacy Guidlines

Digital Solutions comprising Robotic Process Automation

Custom solutions for MDM ( Master Data Management )

Data Itegration services from various ERP, CRM

Product development Services

Life Sciences

Custom Solutions
of Supply Chain

We help streamline supply chain operations. Improved turnaround times, better inventory. Trangile has extensive experience with the product and highly recommends customers implement this solution for their warehousing & distribution needs. The products’ core features are highly flexible and configurable.

Life Sciences

Verification & Validation, Embedded
Automation & Utility Developments

Our team of experts has vast hands-on experience doing V&V, embedded automation & utility development by following strict regulations of 21 CFR Part 11 as well as FDA Guidelines. Core focus areas during regulatory testing are mentioned below:

Requirements & Test Validation, Testing and Validation Traceability, Audit Trail, Controlled/Secure Access, Electronic Signatures, FDA Compliance Security, FDA Compliance Work.

Life Sciences

Technology services by following
21CFR Part 11 and FDA Guidelines

Trangile has extensive experience in building three-tier enterprise web applications, client applications, client-server desktop applications and mobile applications using Java, Microsoft, other technologies, and testing products and applications for reliability.

Life Sciences

R&D supports by following defined
Data Security & Privacy Guidelines

Data security is a set of processes and practices designed to protect your critical information technology (IT) ecosystem. This included files, databases, accounts, and networks. Effective data security adopts a set of controls, applications, and techniques that identify the importance of various datasets and apply the most appropriate security controls. Effective data security takes into account the sensitivity of various datasets and corresponding Pharma & Life Sciences regulatory compliance requirements. An isolated work environment secured with biometric access gets setup in our offshore center by fully complying with applicable guidelines and regulations e.g., GDPR, HIPPA, PCI DSS & ISO 27001

Life Sciences

Digital Solutions comprising
Robotic Process Automation

Implementing complex process with minimum resources in team. Speed up tasks. Increase Profitability, these are couple core benefits of RPA introduction. The emerging digital workforce is very well suited for multiple routine administrative and production tasks that really do not rely on human judgment and that are mostly rule based and repetitive in nature. The total number of these processes is astonishingly large in pharmaceutical, medical devices and related contract research organizations (CROs) given the numerous clinical, R&D, and commercial and sales call reporting procedures.

Life Sciences

MDM (Master Data Management)
Strategy & Implementation Services

Our extensive, flexible next-generation multi-domain Master Data Management solution can support companies' efforts in gaining regulatory confidence. Lifesciences data is growing increasingly complex is well documented. More customers, customer types, and customer touchpoints are resulting in increased data volume, variety, and velocity that all companies need to contend with. We are enabling enterprise agility, eliminating data inconsistencies, and simplifying integration activities for our clients across the healthcare industry.

Life Sciences

Product Engineering

Trangile services is a successful partner in delivering product versions faster with defined quality criteria bringing our customer's benefit of scale in a cost-effective manner. We have vast experience in outsourced product engineering services both on conventional licensed products and products hosted on shared cloud services (SaaS). Let us look at a typical product engineering life cycle to understand where Trangile will play a role.

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