Infor SCE is one of the most popular & leading software to manage the Warehouse operations that lets customers view & manage their supply chain execution activities as a coherent whole to eliminate bottlenecks and improve all-around efficiency. Infor SCE combines warehouse management, labour management, transportation management, and third-party logistics (3PL) billing in a unified solution, built on a single technology with a common user interface.

The solution optimizes the distribution environment by utilizing resources to improve efficiency, labour performance, inventory, freight, and order accuracy. It provides unique features and key functionalities, which make it the most preferred solution amongst various industry verticals.
Trangile team has extensive experience on this product and highly recommend customers to implement this solution for their warehousing & distribution needs. The products’ core features are highly flexible and configurable. Infor SCE allows receipt of material with or without inbound orders, advanced shipment notices (ASNs), and pre-assigned tag/container ID labels (SSCC). Many inventory attributes such as product ownership, user-defined attributes, lot numbers, serial numbers, catch weight data, expiration/best-before-end (BBE) dates, shelf life and status/hold codes, etc. can be captured during the inbound process. 

Trangile has helped our customers to implement efficient strategies for storage of incomingstocks into the warehouse, driven by product or location attribute, FIFO/FEFO, velocity, forward pick proximity, or a combination of factors, to optimize space utilization, facilitate item consolidation and adhere to product handling requirements. Our team of consultants also identify and suggest crossdocking opportunities to increase inventory turnaround & to eliminate the need for storage and replenishment processes.

Supply Chain Executioin

Infor SCE has a very robust order processing feature that encompasses order creation, stock allocation/reservation, wave planning, picking confirmation, staging, packing, loading and the final shipment confirmation. Trangile helps its customers to get maximum value out of their
investment by recommending the most efficient allocation and picking strategies for their operations. Our consultants have successfully implemented pseudo-, pick- & pack- cartonization functions to streamline the fulfilment operations. Infor SCE supports many picking methods such as RF Directed, RF Assisted, Cluster, Layer, Batch, Order, Dynamic, Serialized, Catch Weight, Speed-Pick, Consolidation, Production Line, Voice, Paper based, etc. Our team help in defining the best methods or a combination of options to improve throughput, increase accuracy and reduce picking errors. The system also supports a flexible packing operation into user-configurable container types with a variety of attributes, including dimensional and weight constraints. Load planning of each shippable unit (carton, pallet, roll cage, etc.) can be performed easily in the system, for a specified trailer positioned at a dock door. System allows user to load units using RF to track outgoing stock. Various detailed packing list, shipping marks, bill of lading reports can be printed for the shipment. Shipping is the final step in the fulfilment process which allows the inventory reduction once the stock has left the warehouse and trigger interface to the Host systems for stock update.
Our functional consultants also work closely with the project team to define various inventory management activities such as cycle counting, inventory adjustment, relocation, stock return, Inter facility transfers, return to vendor, detailed transaction logging, etc. Infor SCE provides
many standard operational reports for each module which can also be customized as per client requirements. Infor SCE also offers a Kitting (VAS) solution allowing the warehouse to perform light manufacturing and assembly work. BOM definition, promotional kits creation, assembly
work plans and instructions are supported by the system. Labour management module helps to direct users, track, measure and report user activities. Billing module helps 3PLs to charge customers based on actual effort and capacity utilizations.

Industry Focus

Infor SCE & EAM can be used in a wide variety of industries and organizations, however Trangile is currently focussed on few key domains to deliver value to their customers by implementing these solutions. Our team has rich experience in these Industry operations and are well versed with the challenges faced by them in supply chain and distribution processes


Multiple Owner / Customer Inventory, Value Added Services, Flexible storage and billing options, Client based labelling/paperwork, Load optimization & Carrier selection 


Shelf Life / Expiry management, Temperature controlled Items, Labour planning/reporting, Cross dock / Trans-ship


Size/Colour/Style attributes capture & tracking, Multiple UOMs, Inbound inspection / QC, flexible packaging options, Forward picking, Carrier compliant labelling


Work order/Kitting/Value added services, Production Order Management, Production line replenishments, Case level Receipt, Wave management, Inventory Holds, Event based integration with Manufacturing systems/ERPs.


End to End Serial number tracking, Inbound / Ad-hoc / Outbound QC, Work order management, ASN based receipt, Lot swapping, VAS, integration with production ERPs, Automation systems / Robots/ WCS/ ASRS & Conveyors, flexible Cartonization & packaging options, labelling, Date Code tracking, Warranty & Returns


Flexible picking methods, Replenishment, Temperature/Expiry/Shelf life controls, Cartonization / flexible packing, Labelling compliance

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