Infor Enterprise Asset Management

Infor EAM is the most configurable enterprise-grade asset management solution on the market. It gives you the power to improve capital asset management in ways that increase reliability, enhance predictive maintenance, ensure regulatory compliance, reduce energy usage, and support sustainability initiatives.
Trangile highly recommends Infor EAM product for organizations having vast number of equipment, machinery, spare parts, multiple locations & operational facilities. Infor EAM is a total web based solution to cater any asset management life cycle from procurement to disposal.

Automated processes within the system recommends & ensures on-time preventive and predictive maintenance activities, minimizing the cap-ex and op-ex, while adhering to the safety compliance requirements. Infor EAM is pre-configured with specific solutions for various industries such as Health Care, Discrete Manufacturing, Airport, Hospitality, Pharma, Oil & Gas, etc.

Our team of consultants work with the client teams to optimize their inventory carrying costs along with minimal or zero downtime of equipment by recommending optimal inventory purchase and warranty schemes. Infor EAM forecasting tools are deployed to predict failure, take corrective actions, manage stock of spares to avoid operational downtime and financial losses.
Infor EAM can also be used to monitor energy consumption of every asset, to make it cost efficient and having low carbon footprint. Infor EAM can be integrated seamlessly to Microsoft Project to plan, budget and track assets within the organization. The scheduling and forecasting data from MS Project can be integrated back to Infor EAM for further processing and actions.
Infor EAM also provides a Cognos based in-built reporting module which is highly configurable and flexible tool for generating business reports. Various monitoring KPIs and intelligence reports can be developed to display the data graphically and to analyse the EAM data strategically.
Trangile consultants help customers achieve maximum returns on their Asset investments by implementing Infor EAM.

Industry Focus

Infor SCE & EAM can be used in a wide variety of industries and organizations, however Trangile is currently focussed on few key domains to deliver value to their customers by implementing these solutions. Our team has rich experience in these Industry operations and are well versed with the challenges faced by them in supply chain and distribution processes.

Multiple Owner / Customer Inventory, Value Added Services, Flexible storage and billing options, Client based labelling/paperwork, Load optimization & Carrier selection


Shelf Life / Expiry management, Temperature controlled Items, Labour planning/reporting, Cross dock / Trans-ship

Size/Colour/Style attributes capture & tracking, Multiple UOMs, Inbound inspection / QC, flexible packaging options, Forward picking, Carrier  ompliant labelling


Work order/Kitting/Value added services, Production Order Management, Production line replenishments, Case level Receipt, Wave management,  inventory Holds, Event based integration with Manufacturing systems/ERPs.

End to End Serial number tracking, Inbound / Ad-hoc / Outbound QC, Work order management, ASN based receipt, Lot swapping, VAS, integration with production ERPs, Automation systems / Robots/ WCS/ ASRS & Conveyors, flexible Cartonization & packaging options, labelling, Date Code tracking, Warranty & Returns

Flexible picking methods, Replenishment, Temperature/Expiry/Shelf life controls, Cartonization / flexible packing, Labelling compliance 

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