Infor Demanding Planning and Scheduling

Infor Demand Planning

combines a Demand Forecasting module with sophisticated forecasting algorithms, Inventory Planner, and Replenishment Planner modules, a Collaboration module to keep all forecasts in your company synchronized, and a Sales and Operations Reporting module to monitor the accuracy and effectiveness of your plans.

Infor Advanced Scheduling

combining powerful constraint-based logic with optimization, Infor Advanced Scheduling simultaneously schedules all operations on all production lines, including any interdependencies, to deliver a totally synchronized schedule-down to the minute.

Integrated Business Planning


Infor IBP is a comprehensive solution developed to provide core analytics, visibility, collaboration, and execution capabilities that help organizations across industries get closer to real orchestration of their supply chain and retain control of costs and services delivered.

Infor’s integrated planning platform enables companies to create, manage, collaborate, and coordinate plans across their supply chain—from demand plan creation through supply-side response, and from detailed, operational-response planning to strategic business planning.

Demand Planning & Forecasting

Infor generates a best-fit picture of future demand. A library of algorithmic techniques captures patterns, whether for seasonal or intermittent sales, supporting new products or end-of-life transitions. The system self-tunes, learning as new data becomes available, incorporating market intelligence overlays, user-defined metrics, and multi-tier hierarchies. Meaningful shifts are identified faster, enabling bottom-line impact on service and delivered costs.

Supply Planning & Replenishment

Effectively responding to demand requires a comprehensive assessment of possibilities, costs, capacities, and time sensitivities. Generate feasible plans to align strategies and service priorities, incorporating distribution, production, and procurement alternatives. Infor’s configurable solution adapts to evolving requirements, looking across sites, capturing shelf-life constraints, and identifying the optimal use of assets.

Inventory Optimization

Infor derives a balance between customer responsiveness and inventory exposure. Advanced models incorporate network-wide demand, supply, lead-time variability, and capacity constraints. Scenario analyses drive time-phased safety stock strategies to address shortening lifecycles, broadening assortments, and shifting customer preferences— capturing impact on service levels, profit, and risk.

Production Planning & Scheduling

Traditional approaches fail to examine all alternatives, sequentially considering distribution, production, and procurement. Infor simultaneously weighs complex combinations to better match capacity to demand. Generate optimized manufacturing schedules capturing cost, revenue potential, and business priorities. Coordinate across sites, lines, and production steps. Examine complex interdependencies, sequencing, and flows.

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