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Trangile offers a comprehensive services of data analytics solutions and insights-related services to enterprises seeking to maximize the value of their data.We analyze data and generate valuable insights from data using advanced analytics techniques and our expertise in cutting-edge technology.

Key Coverage Areas


Our key differentiation is the unique blend of functional, technical and business acumen, which has resulted in us winning contracts with top-tier companies.

Our vision for SCIKIQ

Our Vision is to disrupt and transform the way Data is consumed in today’s world by building a Authoritative Data & Analytics Platform which acts as Single Version of Truth and provides actionable intelligence to business areas using Channel of their choices (Voice, Touch , Web etc) in a language which is Native to them ( using NLP/NLG).


ScikIQ is a Unified Full-Service Business Data Platform which abstracts all the data complexity from the business users via a No Code, Drag and Drop UI so that the business can focus on driving value from data, thereby enabling them to grow, make faster, smarter & confident decisions.

Pre - Built Intergration with Major Data Stores

Visual No Code

Hybrid/ Multi Cloud Platform

Cost Effective nearly 70-80 % reduction in TCO

Fast, Secure and Self-Serve Platform

Data Ingestion

Data Discovery

Data Pipelines




Fuelled by Data
Captur & Explorer

Powered by NLP/NLG
& Advance AI Engine

Delivered via
Insight Generator

Key Components of SCIKIQ

As part of our services, we begin by cleaning the database, removing obsolete and redundant information, de-duplicating the data by matching, merging and purging, verifying the records and adding the missing details. We use various tools like Toad and Spotlight to prepare report like daily, weekly and monthly. Graphical view provides in-depth understanding of problem to management.

Data Capture

Pre-built Data Connectors
Support Structured/Un- Structured Data
Audit Trail
Control & Exception Framework

Data Explorer

Data Discovery
Exploratory Data Analysis
Data Quality & Profiling
Data Modelling
Descriptive and Inferential Statistics
Data Warehousing

Insight Generator

Data Visualization
Data Story-telling via NLP/NLG, Dashboards
etc Action Plans & Feedback loops

Advanced AI Engine

Predictive Analytics Domain
Centric – Out- of-Box Analytics
Integration with ML/Al Model

Scikiq’s Key Features

Trangile is a global channelpartner for sales, consulting, implementation & support for Scikiq.Trangile brings you solutions that address your enterprise challenges and direct your data assets to drive value by leveraging the transformative power of analytics.

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