Our Functional/Process Expertise

Divisional Liquidity Assessments


Centralised Liquidity reporting ensures that Liquidity provisions and Stress Testing always happen at a group level. However, divisions often require their own Liquidity positions to plan their P&L and Balance Sheets better.


A bespoke stress test model introduced to handle scenarios which follow the Regulatory stress tests but have a capability of being tweaked and drilled down to divisional asks.

Interest Rate Risk Management


Interest rates are almost never constant and a Bank has to make sure the margins it is playing with are
financially viable for them. For each product sold or invested, the right rates at the right time need to be provided to
ensure optimal Hedging strategies.


A one-stop Asset and Liability management data platform to service all treasury needs including finance
validation and up-to-date terms and conditions for all products/investments

Escalation Workflow and Delinquency Management Solution


Retail banking business of a top European bank hired us to build a control framework and escalation
workflow to identify, notify and prevent Frauds at early stages.


Developed a Pre-delinquency management solution impacting 124 critical processes across 600+
departments. Designed & developed automated reconciliation processes, 28 financial attestation reports, bespoke
escalation workflow and reporting suite.

Intercompany Accounting Solution


Fragmented, non-standardarised intercompany processes;lack of single technology platform to approve, review,
and reconcile intercompany transactions and balances and reduce Asset at Risk or Value at Risk.


A bespoke application development using .NET framework and workflow technologies which enables contract
administration and management; recording , matching and elimination of intercompany transactions; and reporting capability
to highlight data issues and key business metrics such as IaR/AaR

Automation Testing


Manual testing of both Application and Data is time consuming and error prone.


Designed & developed a testing framework using Page Object, Data Driven and Hybrid model; created workflow
using Selenium, Java, C#, Javascript to test front end applications and data thereby reducing time-to-market.

Auto Commentary Tool

Delivered a auto commentary tool PoC for US Card major. This tool will enable them to generate commentary using template
based natural language engine and thereby free up 60-80% of Analyst time and let them focus on capturing key
business/external events

Capability build out for Client Organisation

Setup organizational capability to deliver Big Data ecosystem and finance portfolio for a leading UK card lender

Setup reporting and analytics CoE for a leading US credit card major

Created single version of Truth and analytical marts to meet Client’s business requirements

Overview of our Reporting &
Auto Commentary Generation Platform

Value Proposition of our Auto Commentary Platform

Up the Value Chain

This will free up 60-80% of
Analyst time and let them focus on capturing key business/external events.

Improve Life of our finance community

The tool will provide timely MI pack with built-in artificial intelligence and statistical model thereby enable our
Clients with better decision making

Technology Alignment

All the components are
part normally part of Bank’s Approved Product Set – no new procurement required. The tool has data slice and dice capability

System Capabilities

The tool has intelligence built in where based on pre-configured rule-sets it can
generate commentary using template based text engine.

It can provide actionable insights by integrating with advanced analytical models –
thereby providing holistic view of balance sheet and PnL account lines.

Modelling (Biz & Data)

Natural Language Generation

Artificial Intelligence

User Controlled Templates

Slice/Dice Capabilities

Statistical Analysis

Analytical Modelling

Open Source Technology

Role Based Access Control

Balance Sheet Stress Testing Framework

  1. Actual (Points in time)
  2. Projections Base & Stressed
  3. Modelling (Biz & Data)
  4. Management Actions
  5. Risk Integration
  6. Capital Liquidity
  7. Regulatory

Actual (Points in time)

Projections Base & Stressed

Capital Liquidity


Management Actions

Open Source Technology

Role Based Access Control

Modelling (Biz & Data)

Management Actions

Open Source Technology

Role Based Access Control

Reconciliation Capabilities

Delivering Transparency & Agility to
Reconciliation Processes

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Context & Pain Points

Reconciliation is a key control to ascertain the integrity of financial
statements and their underlying data thereby helps in mitigating
financial, operational and counterparty risk.

Our research shows many financial institutions are facing the following

Heterogeneous Data Source

Poor Data Quality

Manual Processes

Fragmented Processes

Cost Pressure

Poor Control

Resulting Into:

Regulatory Pressure

Regulatory Pressure

Regulatory Fines

Increased tech spend

Failed Audits

Reputation Loss

Loss of investor confidence

Our Value Proposition

Accelerate Rec On-boarding
Capability Delivery
Operationalise Reconciliation Processes
Develop Reconciliation On-boarding and assessment frameworks.

Frameworks enhance end-to-end Straight-Through-Processing by interconnecting
information silos.
Highly motivated Cross-Functional team with strong SME knowledge around Cards,
Retail, Payments, Asset and Wealth Management.

Create business cases, setup shared services, define technology and change
Strong Domain Expertise: We have spent our entire careers in banking to deliver solutions that
are cross-functional & makes a measurable difference to the client bottom-line.

Our proprietary 4C Framework that converts data into knowledge:

+ Capture (Non-intrusive)
+ Compare (Captured vs. Expected)
+ Control (Process, Data, Interfaces, Exceptions Frameworks, Audit trails, Data Linage)
+ Communicate (Reports , Dashboards, KPI, SLAs)

Productivity Booster: We follow agile methodology, setup DevOps team , document best
practices & templates so as to shorten the learning curve & reduce time to operationalise a
reconciliation process.

Functional Coverage

Functional Areas

  1. Core Banking
  2. Payments
  3. Corporate Financial
  4. Prime Brokerage
  5. Clearing Houses
  6. Custodians
  7. Hedge Funds
  8. Asset Management Systems
  9. Wealth Management
  10. Euroclear
  11. DTCC

Reconciliation Type

  • Cash or Nostro Reconciliations
  • Stocks:
    • Securities
    • Custody
    • Derivatives
  • Balance Sheet:
    • Inventory
    • Accruals
    • Receivables
    • Payables
    • Wash
    • Suspense
    • Control
  • Inter-System:
    • FOBO & BOBO
    • Other data integrity rec

Data Warehousing & Analytical Capabilities

Record to Report
  • Accelerated Data Load
  • Insights Anywhere
  • Traceable, reconciled datastore
  • Enhanced Compliance

Context & Pain Points


  1. Siloed product/department view
  2. Bespoke Reports
  3. Manual MI
  4. No single view of customer
  5. Cost pressure


  1. Operational Inefficiencies

    (Manual stitching of reports, No/poor
    insights, lack of consistent view)

  2. Revenue Leaks

    (No single customer view, churns, lack of
    cross-functional linkages)


  1. Do more with less
  2. Slice & Dice
  3. Role  based access
  4. Delivery
  5. DataPlatform
  6. Information Infrastructure
  7. MI/BI Platform

Data Warehousing and Reporting Capability

Consulting: Strategy & Architecture, Process Mapping, Product/tool selection, CoE/Utility
Creation, Outsourcing

Data & Reconciliation Services

Data Model & Metadata Management

  • Conceptual, Logical and Physical Data
  • Reference Data Modelling

Data Management & Governance

  • ETL ( Informatica, Hadoop, Ab-Initio) &
    Data Integration
  • Data Quality & Master Data
  • Governance/Audit Frameworks

Reconciliations & Control Framework

  • Exception Management Framework
  • Technical & Operational Reconciliation (
    ETL, IntelliMatch, TLM)

Data Warehousing

Implementation and Customization

  • Implementation & design of Enterprise
    Data Warehousing solution on both
    Teradata and Big Data platforms
  • Design and implementation of
    functional or divisional data marts
  • E2e Solution design & Data
  • Data Orchestration services using
    Tivoli or Oziee scheduler

Reporting & Analytics Services

Help companies answer

  • “What Is Happening? Why?”
  • “What Can Happen? When?”
  • “What Should Happen? When?
    Where? How?”

BIRT , Business Objects, Spot Fire

Implementation and Customization

  • Standard Reports
  • Self-serve portals
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Data Visualization and Data Analysis
  • Strong R, Python, RPA, NLP/NLG Capabilities
  • Innovative solution for OCR and Image Recognition using Python , OCR and Machine Learning

Our Coverage Area

We convert data into knowledge using our propriety 4C framework:

+ Capture (non-intrusive)
+ Compare (Captured vs. Expected)
+ Control (Process, Data, Interfaces, Exceptions Frameworks)
+ Communicate (Audit trails, Dashboards, KPI, Data Linage)

Business Intelligence

  1. Standard Reporting & Dashboarding
  2. Monitor, ANalyze and drill through details
  3. Information architecture


  1. Analytics sandbox
  2. ad-hoc exploration
  3. blockbuster products

Social Intelligence

  1. Sentiment Analysis
  2. Share of Voice
  3. Influencer Analysis

Devops Capabilities

Delivering Transparency & Agility to Operational Processes
  1. Continuous Delivery
  2. Streamline Processes
  3. Integrated teams
  4. Continuous Integration

Context & Pain Points

DevOps is the practice of building collaborative and participative culture
across operations and development teams to deliver valuable, reliable &
predictable products/services to the market

Our research shows many financial institutions are facing the following challenges:

  1. Phased deliveries
  2. siloed teams
  3. manual processes
  4. fragment processes
  5. cost pressure
  6. poor controls

Resulting into:

  1. Longer time-to-market
  2. lack of business agility
  3. increased tech spend
  4. failed audits

Our Expertise

Domain Expertise

  1. Expertise across Investment Banking, Retail
    Banking, and Cards Businesses

  2. Strong functional knowledge across Finance,
    Risk and Treasury

Delivery & Project Management

  1. Certified Scrum Masters, Project Managers (
    PMI & Prince 2)

  2. Experience leading multi-million dollars
    programs, Organization Change & building
    Managed Services

Technology Stack

  1. Application Architecture & IT Operating Model

  2. Experience with tools such as GIT/Stash, BDD,
    JIRA, Specflow, NUnit/Microsoft Test Cases,
    Team City, Nexus Pro, Selenium, Gherkin, Nolio

Our Approach to DevOps


  1. Business domain centric
    agile teams

  2. Cross-functional
    fast-paced delivery

  3. SLA based culture


  1. Portfolio rationalization

  2. Automation Opportunity

  3. Continuous Integration,
    Accelerators &


  1. OLIs Identification –
    Leading & Lagging

  2. Feedback loops across
    SDLC for continuous

  3. Readymade toolkit to
    measure and improve


  1. Help build scalable
    shared services

  2. Leverage Collaboration
    platform to share
    content, services,
    system and best

  3. Daily Scrums and burn
    down charts


Resulting Into:

  1. Regulatory Pressure
  2. Regulatory Pressure
  3. Regulatory Fines
  4. Increased tech spend
  5. Failed Audits
  6. Reputation Loss
  7. Loss of investor confidence

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