Scalable, Structured & Secure

Team Trangile has strong knowledge of industry trends, technology to be used in various products, the complexity/simplicity of architecture needed for scale and ofcourse security to keep data safe.
We deliver solutions, whether it be mobile, web apps, software for process improvement, internal or external facing, we've got you covered!
We're agile and follow scrum processes in order to ensure we deliver a world class solution in estimated time. With Trangile, you always have the surety of quality and predictability in terms on output.

We deliver highly scalable web applications, systems integrations, product MVPs and APIs to companies that like quality and perfection.

We understand business requirements and balance technology and process to ensure quality and consistency in our software delivery.

Creating High Performance Scalable Solutions

Traditionally, retailers have used e-commerce licensed or open source platforms to build and manage their online storefront. These monolith applications were based on a three-tiered architecture. Typically, e-commerce platforms are componentized by layers (presentation, business, persistence etc) and not by functionality. This is often reflected in the data model which tightly couples different functional domains.

Typical Ecosystem for eRetailer looks like:
Trangile Offers to Shift the same and adapt from these platforms towards a microservices based commerce to have the flexibility to implement customized features and scalability to meet omni-channel demand in an agile way. building capabilities around Agile Delivery, Continuous Integration and Deployment, DevOps, 12-factor app design, DDD, cloud-native, polyglot programming as the foundational work for building microservices

Cloud Deployment on AWS

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